1) What is Wholesale Login or Retail Login?

Click Retail Login to register or sign in for individual purchase, If you are Wholesaler, please click Wholesale Login to complete your business information to register and sign in. 


2) I have forgotten my online log-in information. What should I do?

Click on this “Forgot Your Password?” link or on the log in screen and supply your email address used at registration. If you still cannot log in, please call us at (888)417-7870 option 1 for assistance.

4) What is Polyviscose?

Polyviscose is a combination of both polyester and viscose (rayon) fibers. The advantage of polyviscose is that it offers ease of care together with a fabric that can be manufactured a number of different ways to produce different weights, touches and textures. While not stain proof, polyviscose is highly stain resistant, machine washable, and generally requires little or no ironing.

5) How do I care for Polyviscose table linens?

In general, all polyviscose table cloths can be machine washed, cold water and gentle agitate. Be sure to use Woolite or a similarly gentle detergent. When drying, set your dryer to tumble with no heat. Use a light steam iron as needed.

6) Is it OK to machine wash Polyviscose cutwork table linens?

Yes, a polyviscose cutwork table cloth can be machine washed! Simply be sure to wash the table cloth separately to ensure that no other wash items ensnare themselves in the cutwork.

7) What are Poly/Cotton blend table linens?

A poly/cotton table linen combines much of the easy care qualities of the 100% polyviscose table linens with the more classic touch and feel of cotton allowing for construction techniques that are not available to a purely polyviscose linen. While not as easy care as a polyviscose table linen, poly/cotton linens are none-the-less easier to care for and more stain resistant than 100% cotton table linens. 

8) How do I care for Poly/Cotton table linens?

Poly/Cotton Table linens are also machined washable! Simple wash with cold water on gentle agitate. We recommend using a gentle detergent such as Woolite for our poly/cotton cloths as well as our polyviscose cloths. When drying, tumble dry with no heat. Light steam iron as needed.

9) How do I care for Cotton or Linen table linens?

There are no more classic fabrics for exquisite table linens that cotton and linen. The touch and feel of a fine cotton or linen table cloth is difficult match with any other material. However; this elegance comes at a price. Cotton and linen table linens generally will be more expensive (with linen being the most expensive), and require more dedicated care. While a cotton cloth can often be machine washed in a manner as described in the polyviscose and poly/cotton instructions above, a linen cloth will almost always require dry cleaning to maintain its quality. Still, this is a small price to pay for many who desire only the finest linens when setting their table or entertaining.

10) Does Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe manufacture custom sizes and designs?

Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe offers custom manufacturing for its customers. For custom manufacturing projects a minimum ordering quantity is required that will consume at least 3000 yards of fabric. This generally works out to approximately 1000 table cloths (of mixed sizes) for large table cloths, a few thousand units or more for smaller accessory sizes. If you are interested in knowing more about Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe’ custom manufacturing services email us at contactus@xiahomefashions.com or call (888)417-7870 option 1.

11) Does Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe work with companies in the hospitality industry?

Yes we do! If you are in the catering or rental industry and would like to know more about products offered by Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe please email us at contactus@xiahomefashions.com or call (888)417-7870 option 1.

12) I would like a paper catalog. Can you send me one?

Unfortunately, we do digital catalog only. Please check on website. 

13) What is your return policy?

Please check on "Returns" at the bottom of each web page.

14) What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards.

15) What shipping methods do you use?

Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe ships via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL depend on order volume. 

16) Will Xia Home Fashions & Manor Luxe sell my personal information or email address?

No, We value and respect the privacy of our customers and will never sell or share your personal information or email address with an outside company.

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